About us

EquInnoLab. is the world’s leading innovation and training center; a center that distinguishes itself in equestrian sports through evidence-based work. Human and horse movement sciences are put centrally in this center, and experts are trained to work with this knowledge. Together with top athletes, recreational athletes, talents and technically motivated experts, the future of equestrian sports is under development. The fundamental idea at EquInnoLab. is that the sport is the priority, and science is a means of making progress herein. After all, innovation drives progress.

Based on the belief that data is reliable, and both horse, rider and combination can be formalised, EquInnoLab. aims for evidence-based training in equestrian sports. The question is always: “What degree of uncertainty is acceptable to the decision I want to take?” And above all: “How do you translate measured data into tangible performance indicators used by each rider and instructor?”

To minimize the uncertainty of our tangible performance indicators, motion analysis of predominantly video images, supplemented with data from sensors for both horse and rider, is used. By combining the data, algorithms are created for the best possible sports guidance from the movement sciences perspective.