Equestrian Innovation Center

EquInnoLab is the place where experts from all sorts of disciplines work together to improve the sport performance of riders and horses. The management team ensures the optimal alignment and interaction between these experts. Together with ambassador Jenny Schreven, a bridge from science to sport is made.


Alain D. Broft MSc. PDEng, Industrial Engineer


Jenny Schreven, Grand Prix Rider and Small Tour Judge
Dressage Stable Schreven Competition Team


Yvette Kerkum PhD, Movement Scientist
Mickey Saes MSc., Movement Scientist
Jordie Kolkman BSc., Mechanical Engineer


Marianne van Erp MSc., Sport Psychologist VSPN®
Maikel Evers, Physiotherapist
Nicole Custers, Physiotherapist

Office and test facility

Vrakkerstraat 133
6002 AV
Weert, The Netherlands

For researchers & knowledge institutions

All aggregated data collected by EquInnoLab. is of course of enormous value for the future of equestrian sports. Researchers and knowledge institutions are welcome to position them at EquInnoLab. and make use of all technologies and data in joint projects.

Due to its innovative character and its many scientific work, EquInnoLab. is also the right place for all types of internships and graduation positions / assignments. As an innovation center that specializes in sport, there is a lot of cooperation with knowledge institutions.

For coaches, instructors & training

Besides athletes, EquInnoLab. also wants to make its knowledge available for the further training of equestrian professionals. Developing the understanding of the equestrian sports as such, as well as the insights gained from training and / or coaching method feedback in terms of performance indicators, can help professionals develop themselves further.

In addition, EquInnoLab. aims to become part of equestrian training, instructor and jury training. Business visits and trainings can be planned to add value to the education from the perspective of movement sciences, and the use of data.